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You must do this today for your fut1

Issuing time:2019-09-23 00:00

1.First, eat more grains to maintain the normal function of the spleen spleen must be restored, must develop habits, daily meals of grains must account for more than 50% of the total diet, must develop this habit.Miscellaneous grain is red bean, soya bean, mung bean, job's tears wait, these are miscellaneous grain kind, lotus seed is very good also, after having this concept, splenic good, liver is good.The spleen is responsible for hematopoiesis, and there are two important times of the day, namely the meridian and noon.So take breaks when you should.Use morpheus time everyday, splenic go collecting blood, send liver to go detoxification, after detoxification, clean blood is sent to the heart, the heart sends whole body again, what is the purpose?Every place you send them to gets nutrition and health.Unfortunately, many people in modern times have had problems with the spleen first.There is only one way the most spleen, the most grain spleen, but modern why spleen so poor, so many diseases body?Because you don't eat whole grains, you eat hamburgers, you eat Fried chicken, you eat steak, you eat French fries, you eat a little rice, you eat white rice, so you have to eat whole grains, raw whole grains, like brown rice.In terms of overall eating habits, once you can make the adjustment, once you eat the grains, the function of the spleen can be restored.   
2.Two, more sleep more tired liver gives the alarm of the problem to warn now great majority is liver bad, why bad?Late to sleep, eat Fried things, bad temper, liver is the three biggest enemy.The oil covers the liver, the thing you eat the oil, the oil covers the whole liver, the liver function is completely lost, so we can't eat too much oil.Fat is not good for you.So when we are feeling discomfort, pain, on behalf of we want to change ─ ─ to protect your liver.Fats are not only fat, but also pesticide residues in food, toxic particles in PM2.5 air, trans fats, bulking agents, various chemical additives, serious pesticide residues, heavy metal particles...These toxin are fat more dissolve sex, not only deposit is in adipose, cause the metabolism of whole body to become morbid more.The body feels heavy, reaction is sluggish, morpheus is gotten worse, do not feel tired after waking, 3 higher all sorts of inferior health symptom are often first wave signal.

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