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acanthopanax extract
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acanthopanax extract


Product name: acanthopanax acanthopanax extract

Standard: B+E 0.8%- 5.0%

Description: brown fine powder

Boiling point: 642.6°C at 760 mmHg

Flash: 342.4 ° C

Vapor pressure: 2.17E-17mmHg at 25°C

Product source: dry roots and rhizomes of Acanthopanax senticosus (rupr. et Maxim.)Harms.


Acanthopanax acanthopanax has obvious sedative effect, can improve the excitement of the brain, inhibit the process, enhance learning and memory, improve work efficiency;It has effects on the cardiovascular system;Anti-tumor;It has the function of adaptation to original sample and immune regulation.Antifatigue and hypoxia tolerance, high and low temperature resistance, radiation resistance, stress resistance, anti-aging, enhance immune function, anti-inflammatory, inhibiting platelet aggregation, regulating endocrine disorders, slow heart rate, reduce myocardial oxygen consumption and myocardial oxygen consumption index, reduce myocardial oxygen utilization, can reduce blood pressure, reduce the range of myocardial infarction, protect myocardial ischemia, cough expectorant, enhance metabolism and promote tissue regeneration, antibacterial, antiviral, with detoxification, and so on.

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